If you’re looking for a way to train 2 dogs using one transmitter, the Dogtra 1902s is one of the best options you could go for. In this review, I uncover everything you need to know about this 2-dog training system so you can decide if it’s the right one for you and your dogs.

Dogtra 1902s Overview

Released in 2018, the Dogtra 1902s is a 2-dog version of the 1900s, which is the unit of choice for professional trainers and serious amateurs. The 1902s incorporates several advanced features, giving you performance and accuracy in all training conditions.

When you get a hold of this 2-dog training tool, I think you’re going to love the design, functionality, and overall quality. Simply put, I have found the 1902s to be reliable, precise and intuitive to use, and durable enough to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

The Dogtra 1902s collar is one of the best 2-dog training systems for large dog breeds I have used and seen. With its low-to-high power stimulation and a 3/4 mile range, this unit is great for pro trainers, gundogs, military K-9 units, and companion pet owners.

When I’m training two larger, tougher breed dogs with different temperaments, I always go for my 1902s remote training collar. One of the great things about this e-collar is that it is low to high power, with 0-127 stimulation levels. You can use it on dogs with different temperaments, from mild to most stubborn. With the gradual and precise correction control, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect stimulation level for your dogs.

So, if you have two larger dogs and looking for the most reliable and durable 2-dog e-collar on the market that will serve you well for many years even under extreme conditions, the Dogtra 1902s is your best bet.

Dogtra 1902s Review – Transmitter (Remote)

The Dogtra 1902s allows you to train 2 dogs from 1 transmitter. It comes with a 2nd receiver with an orange collar strap. The transmitter comes with a 2nd set of orange buttons on the same frequency as the orange receiver collar. The gray buttons control the black receiver collar.

The button setup on the 2-dog system is a bit different. Located on the face of the transmitter are the gray and orange Pager/Vibration buttons for each receiver and a small switch so that you can toggle between Nick and Constant stimulation. On the side of the transmitter are the gray and orange Nick and Constant stimulation buttons – again color-coordinated to the receiver straps. Most folks use either Nick or Constant when training, so you probably won’t be switching back and forth that much.

The 2 dog system can be a bit tricky at first as most dogs will not have the same temperament and will respond to different stimulation levels so you’ll find yourself adjusting the level depending on which dog needs correction. But again, it takes a little practice and getting used to and in no time, you’ll be using your transmitter and training like a pro.


When pressed, this button gives vibration for up to 12 seconds. When training dogs, I use the vibration feature most of the time to get their attention back on me before applying static stimulation. You hold the button down to give the vibration stimulation and then it will shut off after 12 seconds. Then, you’ll let go and repeat as needed.

Nick Button

Pressing the Nick button gives a single rapid pulse of electrical stimulation. It’s also a nice feature to send a warning to your dogs and get their attention back to you.

Continuous Stimulation

Just like the Pager feature, pressing the Constant button gives constant stimulation (pressure) for up to 12 seconds. If you don’t release the button after 12 seconds of stimulation, the auto safety turn-off feature will be activated. You’ll need to reactivate the receiver once the button has been released.

Typically, I use constant stimulation when training a high-drive dog that’s not responding to the Nick or vibration stimulation.

Nick and Constant Toggle Switch

On the face of the Dogtra 1902s transmitter is a toggle switch, which is a setting for Nick and Constant. You use the orange and gray buttons to implement the desired stimulation based on the setting of the toggle switch. When you press either the gray or orange stimulation button and the toggle is set on Nick, the receiver will produce Nick stimulation. If the toggle is set to Constant, the receiver emits continuous stimulation for up to 12 seconds, as long as the button is pressed.

Rheostat Stimulation Dial

On top of the Dogtra 1902s 2-dog remote transmitter is a patented Rheostat intensity dial for changing the stimulation levels. The dial is fairly firm and it takes a bit of effort to turn it, so you’re unlikely to accidentally change your stimulation level setting.

Dogtra 1902s Review – Receiver-Collar

The slim-line, ultra-modern receiver has a low-profile style. The collar strap wraps around the receiver and your dogs’ necks for improved comfort and seamless appearance. It’s also hard to tell that the receiver collar is an e-collar because of the sleek and slim design. The collar is unlikely to get snagged or caught in the brush when hunting in the field.

Dogtra uses anti-microbial plastic and medical-grade stainless steel contact points to protect your dogs’ skin. When using the Dogtra 1902s 2-dog collar, I found it important to make sure the receiver is properly fitted so that the contact points firmly press against the dog’s skin. A loose fit can cause irritation as the contact points tend to rub against the dog’s skin. And if the receiver is too loose, corrections will be inconsistent.

Since the Dogtra 1902s e-collar is a high-power unit, it has a larger and heavier transformer, it’s an excellent choice for dogs over 35 lbs.

Dogtra 1902s Review – Transmit Range

With a ¾ mile range, the Dogtra 1902s is perfect for simple to complex training commands for 2 dogs. The range will work for just about any training situation, from companion dog training to waterfowl hunting. At one point, I used this 2-dog training system to train in a country setting and it gave me total control of the situation.

Dogtra 1902s Review – Batteries and Charging

The Dogtra 1902s remote transmitter and receiver collar come with 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries. The short charging time allows you to spend less time waiting for the battery to be ready and more time training your dog. Once charged you can enjoy hours and hours of training.

The unit uses a charger that can work with a 110v/220v/240v power source. It also has a splitter cable, which allows you to charge both components at one time.

The Dogtra 1902s has an LCD battery indicator that flashes green when the unit is on and fully charged. It flashes Amber when the battery charge is getting low and Red when the unit needs to be charged. The convenient LCD screen displays the battery level.

Dogtra 1902s Review – Waterproof

The Dogtra 1902s 2-dog training system is fully waterproof. In fact, the receiver is IPX9K waterproof certified, which implies that it has passed the International Protection Marking system. IPX9K is the highest rating available for water infiltration protection. Products with this certification can withstand high-pressure, high-temperature liquid sprays at close range.

I inadvertently tested out the waterproof claim on numerous fowl hunting trips, and the device proved up to the task. You and your dog will enjoy aquatic adventures without having to worry about the device being damaged by water.


I found the Dogtra 1902s 2-dog training collar to be intuitive and easy to use. I am pleased with the improved features that allowed me to easily reinforce commands and correct negative behavior when training 2 dogs with different temperaments. The ability to quickly hit the buttons without looking at the remote transmitter was very convenient. This low-to-high power unit is going to enhance your training journey and ensure a great experience.

Looking for a 1-dog unit? Check out the Dogtra 1900s.

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