Dogtra 1900s Review

In this Dogtra 1900S review i’ll go over the advanced features of this state of the art big dog electronic dog training collar, improvements from the older 1900 NCP version, button layout and what type of dog and training scenarios are best suited for this model, and any pros and cons that I have found.

Released in early 2016, the Dogtra 1900s is an extremely durable, super-duty e-collar and when you hold one in your hand I think you’ll gain a newfound respect for the phrase “quality product”. This low- high power unit has a 3/4 mile range and is one of the best large dog remote dog training collar I have seen and used.

The Dogtra 1900s series is great for large dog companion pet owners, gundogs, pro trainers, police and military K-9 units. When I’m training larger, tougher breed dogs I always use my 1900s big dog remote training collar. I have trained many dogs over the years with lots of different e-collar brands and models but when it comes to the best big dog remote e-collar the Dogtra 1900s is about as good as it gets.

Dogtra’s 1900s series is a replacement for the popular and proven workhorse; 1900NCP. Dogtra took what was a great e-collar and made it even better with some awesome improvements.

The 1900s has all the key features as its predecessor:

-127 customizable levels of static stimulation
-3 types of correction including “nick”, “constant”, and vibration only
-LCD screen displays the level of stimulation and 3-bar low battery indicator
-Completely waterproof transmitter and receiver collar

Key improvements of the 1900s include:

-Smaller, low profile, ergonomic slim-line receiver
-Longer 3/4″ mile range (compared to 1/2 mile)
-Longer lasting, 2 hour quick charge LiPo batteries
-Enhanced water excelling contact points
-Non-slip checkered grips on the transmitter
-High performance non-stimulating Pager

One of the nice things about the 1900s series is that it’s low to high power (127 levels) so it can be used with any dog temperaments from super soft disposition dogs to tough, high drive dogs.

Dogtra low to high power units need to have a bit larger transformer making the receiver-collar a bit larger and heavier and not recommended for dogs under 20 pounds to wear comfortably. The receiver weighs ???

If you have a larger dog and are looking for the best, most durable and reliable e-collar on the market that will last many, many years under the harshest of conditions, look no further, the Dogtra 1900s series is for you.

Dogtra 1900s Review – Transmitter (Remote)

The 1900s transmitter has a more rounded, modern design and and not as boxy as the original version. It weighs 4.4 ounces and the dimensions are 3.5″ x 1.4″ x 1.4″ and has the typical, easy-to-use Dogtra 3 button layout.

On the face of the transmitter is the Pager button and one side is the blue On / Off button and on the other side are the 2 light gray stimulation buttons; “Nick” and “Continuous” and are again in the perfect location for your pointer and middle finger to rest comfortably on. One thing that really impressed me is that the Nick button has the letter “N” in raised bumps like braille and the Constant button is smooth. This really helps to identify which button is which by touch, without looking at the remote, so that you can keep your eyes where they should be, on your dog(s). Sometimes it’s the little things that make a great product.

Pager / vibration only

The gray Pager (non-stimulating vibration only) button on the face of the transmitter which many folks use as a warning to the dog before static stimulation is applied and some folks use it as a “good vibration” feature and is in the perfect location for your thumb to press. You can hold the vibration button down for up to 12 seconds before it auto shuts off where you need to let it go and press it again for another 12 seconds.

Nick Stimulation

The Nick button sends a split second signal to the receiver and is a nice feature to get your dog’s attention back on you. When training dogs I prefer the Tapping method and use the Nick feature most of the time.

Continuous stimulation

The Continuous stimulation button, like the Pager feature, allows you to hold down the button and give constant stimulation (pressure) and again has the auto safety shut off after 12 seconds. Great feature for when your dog is in high drive and not responding to the vibration or Nick.

LCD Screen

The face of the transmitter also has the blue backlit LCD screen that illuminates when you tap the On/ Off button for 1 second and shows the exact stimulation level you are on (0 – 127) and 3-bar low battery indicator.

LED low battery indicator light

It also has an LED indicator that flashes Green every 4 seconds when it’s on, fully charged and ready to use. Amber when it’s getting low and Red when it needs to be charged so between the 3-bar low battery indicator on the LCD screen and the LED indicator lights you’re fully covered where the battery is concerned …

On / Off button

On the other side of the transmitter is the blue On/ Off button which makes it quick and convenient to save battery when you’re taking a break. Unlike some of Dogtra’s smaller, low to medium power units where you have to touch two red magnet dots together on the transmitter and receiver to turn the components on and off.

Rheostat Stimulation dial

The precision Rheostat stimulation dial is on the top of the transmitter next to the Lanyard loop and the antenna. The dial isn’t free-spinning and takes a bit of effort to turn it which is good so that its not very easy to inadvertently change your stim level setting. There is a little fin on the round dial and with some practice you can use your pointer finger, or even your thumb, to adjust the level making it a 1-handed operation.

Non-slip checkered grips

Last but not least, the older 1900ncp version transmitter was only smooth black plastic and could get a bit slippery when wet and in the heat when your palms get sweaty but the new 1900s now has a light brown, non-slip checkered grips that solves that issue.

Dogtra 1902s Transmitter

This model is also available in a 2-dog systems, the Dogtra 1902s lets you train 2 dogs from 1 transmitter. It comes with a 2nd receiver with an orange collar strap and the transmitter comes with a 2nd set of orange buttons on the same frequency as the orange receiver-collar and the gray buttons control the black receiver-collar.

The button setup on the 2-dog system is a bit different. Located on the face of the transmitter are the gray and orange Pager / vibration buttons for each receiver and a small switch so that you can toggle between Nick and Constant stimulation. One the side of the transmitter are gray and orange Nick and Constant stimulation buttons again color-coordinated to the receiver straps.

Most folks use either Nick or Constant when training so you probably won’t be switching back and forth that much. The 2 dog system can be a bit tricky at first as most dogs will not have the same temperament and will respond to different stim levels so you’ll find yourself adjusting the level depending on which dog needs correction but, again, it take a little practice and getting used to and in no time you’ll be using your transmitter 1-handed and playing it like a set of bagpipes 😉

Dogtra 1900s Review – Receiver-Collar

dogtra 1900s review - receiverNow this new style receiver was a nice little surprise. As a test to see how well it would be received in the electronic dog training community, in early 2016 Dogtra Company released this new, ultra-modern, slim-line receiver design in 2 of their models; the low to medium power ARC series and the low to high power 1900s series and I think it’s now safe to say it was a big hit.

The new, ergonomic receiver-collar is more streamlined than the older box style receiver and doesn’t get snagged or caught in brush as much when hunting in the field and allows your dog to work more efficiently and move more freely in heavy cover.

Also, the low profile style design curves with the dog’s neck making it more comfortable for the dog to wear for longer periods of time and is perfect for companion pet owners that are concerned about what the “uninformed public” might think about using an e-collar as it’s hard to tell that it’s even a “electronic training collar” unless get up and look at it closely. Hook your dogs tags on the D ring when out walking off leash or hiking and it just looks just like a regular collar and nothing else.

Dogtra 1900s Review – Batteries & Charging

The new longer lasting, 2 hour rapid charge LiPo batteries are another big upgrade from the previous version that used the NiCD batteries that required an overnight charge.

The units comes with a universal charger that can be used with 110v/220v/240v power source. It also comes with a splitter cable that lets you charge both the receiver-collar and transmitter at the same time. The splitter cable has 3 ends. One end attaches directly to the charger and the other 2 ends plug directly into the transmitter and receiver. The 2-dog unit comes with 2 splitter cables so that you can charge the transmitter and both receivers at the same time.

Dogtra 1900s Review – Transmit Range

The 1900 series is a mid-long range remote dog training collar. The 3/4 mile range will work for just about any situation from upland and waterfowl hunting to companion dogs in a country setting with lots of room to roam to hiking and walking off leash at the local bark park.


“Overall, I am very pleased with the 1900s series. The design is superior to anything else on the market. I have never heard one bad comment about this model and don’t have one negative thing to say either ..”

whether you’re using an e-collar to reinforce commands, solving behavioral issues or to keep your gundog in the hunt (look for better terminology), in my opinion the Dogtra 1900s is the way to go ….

As I mentioned above the 1900s series is a low to high power unit and designed for all dog temperaments from super soft to tough, high drive dogs. If you are unsure about your dog’s temperament, and your dogs is over 20lbs the 1900s series is a safe bet.

Recommended Dogtra 1900s accessories

– Biothane Bungee Metal Quick Release strap
– Field auto charger
-contact points for different fur lengths

Other recommended models

-Have a smaller dog with a more sensitive temperament, the 280c is the best
-If you need a bit more range you might want to consider the Dogtra 3500ncp Super X …
-Running more than 2 dogs? Check out the long range Dogtra EDGE series …
-Upland hunting and need an e-collar to locate up to 2 dogs in tall grass, consider the Dogtra 2500T&B Beeper Collar

I hope this Dogtra 1900s review has been helpful. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below.

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