In this review, I’m giving you an in-depth look into one of the most exciting remote dog training collars: the Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus. This unit is an upgrade of the 1900s and the 1900s Handsfree systems. I’ll mention all the features of this e-collar, as well as the pros and cons.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus Overview

The Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus is part of the 1900 series from Dogtra. This low-to-high-power system is ideal for dogs over 35 lbs. It is ergonomic and low profile, with easy-to-use controls.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Square can be paired with up to 14 HANDSFREE SQUARES. These are small transmitters that can be used to discreetly correct your dog. It can be used for basic obedience training of companion dogs, as well as K-9 training, hunting, and competitive dog training.

You get an e-collar that has up to 127 stimulation levels of momentary and continuous so that it can be really fine-tuned to your dog specific disposition. You also get vibrate only mode and true one-handed or handsfree operation.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Handsfree Squares

The Dogtra 1900s Handsfree PLUS combines the state-of-the-art 1900s dog training collar with a compact Dogtra HANDSFREE SQUARE. The HANDSFREE moniker refers to the use of a small transmitter with an elastic band that fits in your hand. Instead of using your handheld remote transmitter, you strap the square around your palm, wrist, or finger and use it to correct your dog.

The 1900s Handsfree Plus allows you to add up to 14 squares to cover a diverse range of training scenarios. The introduction of this advanced feature separates the dynamic 1900s Handsfree Plus from the 1900s Handsfree system, which can only pair one HANDSFREE SQUARE to one transmitter. 

This system allows multiple users to engage in the training process. I’ve found it to be very convenient when working hands-on with a client. With different squares paired to different functions, we are able to easily operate the transmitter and multitask during the training session.

Each Square can be paired to a different function – High Performance Pager/Vibration or any of the 127 levels Nick, or Constant static stimulation.  The HANDSFREE SQUARE should be within 33 feet of the remote transmitter for optimal operation. 

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Receiver Collar

The Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus has a collar that fits neck sizes between 10″ and 26″. This receiver collar is for larger dog breeds 35+ lbs. The receiver strap seamlessly wraps around your dog’s neck. The collar looks like a typical dog collar and you could just hook your dog’s tag to complete the appearance.

Due to the ergonomic design of the receiver collar its less bulky and less likely to get hung up or snagged on branches or bramble.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Remote Transmitter

Let me say that one of the main reasons why I prefer Dogtra remote training collars is their simplicity. In a tech-heavy industry that offers a very wide range of choices, Dogtra strives to strike a balance between simplicity of design that is equally intuitive with finesse suited for professional trainers.

The Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus remote transmitter has a more rounded design, which sets it apart from other boxy versions. It has brown non-slip checkered grips that prevent slippage when your palms get wet or sweaty.

On the 1900s Handsfree Plus remote transmitter, you’ll find four buttons, a toggle switch, a Rheostat Dial, and an LCD screen. On the left side of the remote are the Nick/Constant buttons and on the right side is the On/Off button. On the face of the remote transmitter, we have the Pager/Vibration button.

Nick Stimulation

When the Nick button is pressed, the receiver collar emits a single rapid pulse of electrical stimulation. This is a great feature to prompt the mildly distracted dog into focus.

Continuous Stimulation

With Continous stimulation, the receiver gives continuous stimulation as long as the button is pressed, for up to 12 seconds. After 12 seconds of pressing the button, the stimulation will automatically turn off. You can reactivate the stimulation after releasing the button.

High-Performance Pager

Pressing the Pager button will give a vibration for as long as the button is pushed, up to a maximum of 12 seconds. I use the Pager function as a “look at me” cue whenever the dog is distracted.

On/Off Button

You’ll find the blue On/Off button on the right side of the remote transmitter. To turn the remote transmitter on, press the button until the LCD screen illuminates. To turn it off, hold the button until the screen is off.

Rheostat Stimulation Dial

Next to the antenna is the precision Rheostat Dial, which lets you adjust the intensity of stimulation. With up to 127 stimulation levels, you’ll have no problem finding the right correction level for your dog. 

The Rheostat Dial has a little fin that lets you use your thumb or pointer finger to adjust the level. With a little practice, training your dogs will be a one-handed operation.

LCD Screen

On the face of the Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus is a blue backlit LCD screen. It shows a digital readout of the exact stimulation level and a 3-bar low battery levels in all lighting conditions, like a cell phone.

LED Low-Batter Indicator Light

The 1900s Handsfree Plus also has an LED indicator to show the battery level. The indicator flashes Green every four seconds when the receiver collar is on and fully charged. If the indicator flashes Amber, the battery is getting low and needs charging. If flashing Red, the battery is very low and must be charged.

Toggle Switch for Nick and Constant

The toggle switch on the face of the transmitter has a setting for Constant and another for Nick. If you want to correct your dog with Nick stimulation, set the toggle switch on N and press the Nick button to send a rapid pulse of electric stimulation. Follow the same procedure if you want to use Constant stimulation.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Waterproof

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus is IPX9K certified. This means that it is waterproof and can perform well in all training environments. I don’t have to worry about training in wet weather or in the water.

Note: The HANDSFREE SQUARE is not waterproof.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Transmit Range

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus is a mid-long range e-collar. The 3/4 mile range is perfect for all training conditions, from obedience training of a pet to K-9 training.

Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus – Batteries and Charging

The 1900s Handsfree Plus uses Li-Polymer batteries, which charge in 2 hours. The unit comes with a splitter cable, which makes it possible to charge both components at the same time. Always remember to turn off the unit after training to save battery.


I’ve found the Dogtra 1900s Handsfree Plus to be a great system. It takes everything I love about the Dogtra 1900s and adds improved abilities to it. From a training perspective, it has most of the features I would need to train my dog in the field. It is compact, lightweight, and packed full of a lot of features. It’s an impressive hunting/training tool that should be part of your arsenal.

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